Sunday, January 27, 2013

1940’s Art Deco Waterfall Makeup Vanity

My next project is this 1940’s Art Deco waterfall makeup vanity (mirror not shown in pic). I don't know what it is about antique vanities, but I am instantly drawn to them no matter what the condition. The paint was peeling and it had a lot of stains but I loved the simple design carved in it. I was also happy that this piece still had all its handles, which were really cool looking too!

Only a little worn, right?

I removed the handles and sanded the vanity. Over the next few days I added a couple coats of primer. I had to prime it several times because the original color of the vanity kept bleeding through the paint in a few places. I really liked the original handles so I decided to keep them, but they needed an update. I primed each handle and painted them with a silver hammered paint, which gave the handles a great textured look.

Once the color stopped bleeding through my primer, I painted the vanity a pretty white. My old and worn vanity has now been updated for a beautiful and fresh look.

Doesn't even look like the same vanity!

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